The Seasoned Artisan – Introduction

For generations my ancestors have been lumbermen and woodworkers and I have been forming and finishing wood and other materials for at least 66 of my 71 years for friends, family and fun while pursuing a career as a designer and manufacturer of wooden library and bookstore fixtures and retail displays.

I would now like my retirement to be spent in offering one-off handcrafted pieces that are of interest, quality and utility. Because I was in production for 40 years and somewhat ADD, I will be making one-of-a-kind pieces in several categories starting with kitchen knives, kitchen utensils, walking canes, walking sticks and long shoe horns. I will add categories later (like canoe paddles and stand up paddle board paddles) and explore as many variations in those categories as is of interest.

I will consider taking special orders and will be adding pieces to the website regularly. I intend to send out emails to those who request them with the new offerings.Each piece has a story regarding origin of materials, and the processing involved in its creation that will accompany your purchase.

Hand Crafted Knives

Terry's Chefs, paring, filet, trout/bird knives are all handmade with unusual individual displays crafted from various hardwoods, antlers and brass. The blades are high carbon stainless, pre-formed and cryogenically quenched for hardness. I then reshape and re-sharpen them for my purpose. 

Kitchen Paddles & Spatulas

One-of-a-kind wooden kitchen utensils hand made from domestic hardwoods and reclaimed exotic hardwoods. Laminated in contrasting colors for use especially on non-stick cookware.

Walking Sticks

Collectible and useful walking sticks handcrafted from diamond willow, musclewood, plantation teak, domestic hardwoods and burls.


Terry's wooden Shoehorns are 29” long, one-of-a-kind, handmade from reclaimed exotic woods, domestic hardwoods, burls, antlers and brass. The unusual gift of artisan quality.

Walking Canes

Unique, one-of-a-kind collector quality walking canes, hand-crafted from world sourced hardwoods, burls, exotic wood spacers and brass. Year stamped and numbered.